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Kitchen Hacks: Which Stovetop Pan to Grab

Whether you are stocking your own kitchen for the first time or just not sure whether you should reach for a sauté pan or a frying pan, figuring out which pan is which can be intimidating. If you have no idea the difference between a copper stock pot, a cast iron skillet or a Hogwarts cauldron, or how to use and clean any of them, then I’ve got you covered.
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DIY Salad Bar

Making a salad bar in your fridge is easy and will save you lots of time and avoid the risk of ordering take-out or scrambling to put together lunch during the week. If you prep and pack everything on Sunday, mid-week you just have to mix and match the ingredients you want. You can choose a different adventure for every salad you make.
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Healthy Kitchen Skills for Kids

If you teach kids good kitchen habits from the beginning, by the time they are pre-teen they will be able to make dinner from scratch and clean up by themselves. Teaching skills is important, but letting them have fun and be creative is what will get them excited about helping out in the kitchen.
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Fresh Herbs 101

Buying fresh herbs from a farmers’ market or growing your own will guarantee the freshest, and best tasting dishes—especially compared to the dried or even fresh herbs at the grocery store. But fresh herbs can feel much more temperate than dried herbs which are easily measured into teaspoons and tablespoons. Here’s how I select, store, prepare, and cook with fresh herbs:
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Knife Skills 101

Whether you’re just starting to expand your culinary talents, or you’ve been getting along just fine without formal education in knife skills, the best meals start not only with the freshest ingredients, but the right knives. Not only does using the right knife, in the right way, ensure kitchen safety, but it also makes your cooking more efficient, and can even make the food taste better.
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Don’t Discard: Root-to-Stem Cooking

From excessive packaging to tossed leftovers, cooking (and eating out) may sometimes feel like you’re adding more to your garbage can than your fridge. Perhaps you’re already using a reusable shopping bag, and buying food with less or no packaging. Take it to the next level by using more of the food you buy. Root-to-stem cooking is a plant-based way of using the entire vegetable. Not only can it save you money, but it can also increase the flavor of your dishes. Here are my favorite tips on how to use the whole vegetable.
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