Hi! I am Morgan. I live just outside of Vancouver with my person, Alex, my cat, Dori, and my dog, Taro. Food is the center of my universe and has been ever since I was a tiny, cross-eyed, raggedy haired toddler. My parents banned me from the kitchen with a baby gate, but that wouldn’t stop this girl. No siree, I would stand on the other side of the gate with my hands reaching into the kitchen asking, “Me some. Me some more?”. My tenacious love of food has only since gained momentum and I am still asking for more. More knowledge about where our food is coming from and how it is grown; how it affects our bodies; and how to make it even more delicious than it already is.

I want to eat real food. And I want to be surrounded by people who also want to eat real food.
I believe in whole foods, sustainable practices, supporting local farmers and eating what makes you feel the best. I don’t believe in nutrition breakdowns – if you are eating whole foods and lots of plants you don’t need to worry about how many grams of protein or fat is in a serving.
This is my place to share my love, my main squeeze, my universe – FOOD!


“All we eat has been alive. The act of love makes life.
So food – is life – is love… Make love – Eat life.”
-Søren Wiuff

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